Car-O-Tronic Vision X3

The most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use electronic measuring system on the market.

Experience Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 – the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use computerized measuring system on the market today! The sensor-equipped Measuring Slide with a built-in versatile remote control and protective rubber “bumper-zones” delivers real-time data three times per second to the advanced and easy-to-use software. Photo-based, and backed by Car-O-Data, the world’s most comprehensive vehicle database, it allows you to accurately and quickly target measuring points.

Measuring Slide with remote control

The Measuring Slide communicates wirelessly with the Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 software, no cords or cable to get in your way! The built-in, versatile Remote Control lets the operator manage the entire measuring process without having to be at the computer. The unit is easy to use with one button to enter commands such as automatic measurement of the entire vehicle and another select button to browse through monitor menus. Document the entire repair process in pictures with text and e-mail files to customers and insurance companies directly from within the software.

Measuring with Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 – fast & easy
  1. Register the work order and enter car make and model.
  2. Conduct measurement, aided by the unique ASP function (Automatic Search Point).
  3. Advanced automation allows the system to always select the right point. Print out the results and you are done!
  • Compatible with nearly any frame system
  • Wireless, no targets, sensors or lasers
  • Real-time data delivered three times/second
  • Precise measurements for all under and upper- body locations
  • Photo-based images offer easy identification
  • Compatible with Car-O-Data, measurement database for over 14,500 vehicles
  • InfoCenter for online software and data updates, news, support and interactive training
  • Import/export of Work order
  • Suspension Check Diagnosis