A revolutionary view of your work!

handEye™ is a totally new, innovative and high-quality mobile solution that is compatible with the Car-O-Tronic Vision measuring system and will make measuring easier than ever before! handEye communicates with the PC via wireless network technology. Whatever the software is showing on the pc screen is also visible on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. You don’t need to move back and forth between the vehicle and the PC screen anymore – the information is now in your hand!

Your iPhone can also be equipped with a magnetic case, so you can easily attach it to the car to keep both your hands-free. The ergonomics, high performance, and precision of handEye make it an efficient tool for every body shop, cutting down measuring time and increasing your bottom line!

handEye is a free download software application!
Features & Benefits
  • User-friendly – get started in only 10 minutes
  • Flexible – attach a magnet to the back and you can work “hands-free”
  • Efficient – save time, no more running between pc and vehicle
  • Precise – shows photos of placement of all measuring points,
  • Ergonomic – presents information when and where you need it