ECDesign 4

Swedish innovation

ECDESIGN is the new leading space planning solution for the automotive aftermarket. With ECDESIGN it is possible to quickly plan and visualize repair shops in 3D without having to use complicated CAD solutions. ECDESIGN 4 includes over 2000+ body shop 3D models, helping you create detailed body shop designs and presentations are the new leading space planning solution for the automotive aftermarket.

Create the layout in 2D

Planning of the body shop facility is done in very user-friendly top view 2D.

Visualize in 3D

At any moment you can instantly visualize the result in real-time 3D scene based on the work done in 2D. Analyze the layout from any angle in 3D and save HD images at the click of a button.

A complete presentation

ECDESIGN 4 not only makes it possible to plan and present body shops in 2D and 3D. You can print detailed professional drawings and specification documents.

Features & Benefits
  • EASY TO LEARN – Everything with ECDESIGN was designed to be very user-friendly. You will be making your first layout in minutes.
  • COST SAVING – Pay the yearly license subscription and get full access. Cancel the subscription at any time – no binding contracts.
  • FAST TO USE  – The design process in ECDESIGN is super fast. Plan in top view 2D and see the result instantly in 3D.
  • AMAZING RESULT – Create detailed floorplans, real-time 3D walkthroughs, and images which will truly impress customers.
  • FREE SUPPORTECSALE offers free email and remote desktop support if you ever run into any problems.
  • FREE UPDATES – Receive free updates as long as you have an active license. Our team of developers are always working on new features.