Air Make-Up Maintenance & Spraybooth Cleaning:

  • High-pressure washing of entire water wash tank and extract fan housing.
  • High-pressure washing of the floor plates and pit area.
  • Full cleaning of the spray to bake flap box mechanism.
  • Lubrication to all linkages and bearing where applicable.
  • Changing all filters – all makes (filter charged separately).
  • High-Pressure washing of the exhaust fan blade – all types.
  • High Pressure washing of all louvers and dampers.
  • Service water pumps. Spray nozzle and float valves.
  • Dust removal from all fan cooled motors.
  • Adjust and re-seat doors (door seal sold separately).
  • High-Pressure washing of overhead filter plenums.
  • High-Pressure washing of exterior booth and mechanicals where access allows.
  • High-Pressure washing of spraybooth interior.
  • Complete mechanical check and operation of system is commissioned after each visit.

Note: If spraybooth has a booth wall protectant applied to them we can re-apply booth coating at an extra
charge for material and labour. Complete records of maintenance kept for your Ministry or Environment proof of records.