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We hope everyone is staying safe through these times as we navigate what lies ahead. The one certainty we have is that this pandemic will end. Slowly we will begin to return to our normal daily activities, whether you are going to the office, picking up groceries, going to school, we are all going to want some piece of mind that we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

As an HVAC company for over 20 years, FL Mechanical can provide some piece of mind in the Air Quality aspect of your location. Everyone works in an industrial or commercial space that utilizes HVAC systems to control the temperature. We have put together a list of services that should be performed on your HVAC equipment.

1) Preventative Maintenance – ground zero starts with clean equipment.  We will clean and sanitize the inside of the HVAC equipment (coils, fans, etc…) as well as replace the filters and check the overall operation the system. These checks include a full economizer operation check to maintain fresh air requirements, all mechanical cooling and heating operations and component checks, all motor/fan and bearing operational checks,  and all electrical component and connection checks. As well as inspecting any exhaust fan operation you may have.

2) More Frequent Filter Changes – we normally recommend 3 to 4 filters changes per year (Quarterly), based on the environment and location.  Adding 1 or 2 more filter changes per year during these times would help to clean the air as much as possible.  We would also continue to clean and sanitize with every filter change.

3) Upgraded Filters – there are multiple solutions for increased filtration.  Everything from a prefilter to prevent filter by-pass, to a much more efficient filter system suitable for the application.  you can combine this with an antimicrobial treatment to control the growth of microbial cells within the filter.

4) Air Disinfection and Purification by UV (Ultra Violet) – for more public and high traffic areas such as showrooms, open offices, board rooms, lunch rooms etc…  UV Air purification adds a whole other level of protection as the UV light works by breaking bonds in biological molecules, increasing disinfection and sanitized air quality.  It is a more permanent solution and it can be added right into the Air Stream (ductwork), or stand-alone units giving your employees and customers added piece of mind.

We have attached some product information regarding the products above and hope this will be helpful.
FL Mechanical can provide free estimates at your request.

Keep yourself and your family safe!



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500 Data Sheet

Stand-alone and compact unit that can easily be installed in the ceiling. It purifies the air of up to a 500 square foot room.

Biowall Data Sheet

Installed parallel to the air flow, the BioWall is a unique patented product in the area of air quality, combining power and contact time.

Quattro Data Sheet

Installed parallel to the airflow, the Quattro is a smaller version of the BioWall for air disinfection.

S300 FL Data Sheet

Ideal for buildings that often struggle with the smell of unpleasant odors, such as garbage rooms, locker rooms, shops, classrooms, etc.

S1000 FL Data Sheet

With 95% Ashrae Filter Ideal for buildings that often struggle with smoke and its associated odors, such as garbage rooms, smokehouses, cafeterias, etc.

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