Manufacturing Excellence

A Canadian Manufacturer of High-Performance, High-Efficiency Air Technology Solutions, Designing, Engineering and Manufacturing Industrial Air Compressors since 1954. DV’s objective is to provide Reliable, Innovative Products and Compressed Air System Solutions, Strengthened by a Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service.

To achieve its flexible manufacturing model, DV’s primary focus is its workforce. Workers are encouraged and rewarded to expand their production skills, cross-training in multiple work-areas.

Production is divided into distinct cells and driven by demand, beginning with the customer’s order. The combination of a highly skilled, flexible workforce and a cellular, demand-structured production process allows DV to manufacture a wide variety of complex products on a built-to-order basis. Production management is oriented around designing highly efficient work cells and training programs and material management maintains an inventory of critical components and materials.

These imperatives not only ensure that the order-fulfillment process is optimized, but that these benefits translate directly to our customers.

DV Systems is Committed to Innovation. We are Continuously Driven to Improve Our Offerings & Extend Value to Our Customers & Partners. It’s Who We Are. We Invite You To Become Part of History, Grow Your Business With Us…