Condensate Filters


The Ecotron Condensate Filtering System ensures that all contaminants contained in discharged condensate are effectively removed.

The condensate discharged by a lubricated air compressor contains a significant quantity of oil and solid particles that will seriously pollute the environment if not removed. This mixture is classified as hazardous waste that cannot be discharged into municipal sewage systems unless the oil and contaminants are removed.

The EcoTron Condensate Filtering System is Easy to Size, Install & Maintain.


Models Ecotron 25 – Ecotron 600
Capacity 88 – 2119 SCFM
Process Two Stage Filtration
Inlet 1/2″ to 3/4″ + 3/4″
Outlet 1/2″ to 3/4″ + 3/4″
Weight 17.6 – 138.6 Lbs.

How It Works

Ecotron-DiagramA simple 2 Stage filtration process through 2 different filters:

From the inlet connection, condensation is introduced into a noise/pressure reduction pre-chamber (1) to allow the condensate to flow smoothly inside the separator.

In this chamber, solid particles are retained by the demister path (2), and any residual, de-compressed air is discharged from the top part (3) through an odor-removing activated carbon filter.

After this initial stage, the mixture of water and oil flows via gravity down through the first filter (4) which, thanks to its physical characteristics, intercepts “only” the oil, and the water is consequently free to flow into the second stage of filtration where a deep bed of activated carbon (5) adsorbs any residual traces of oil, before the water is discharged from the outlet port.

A patented electronic device (6) located next to the first filter (4) which gradually indicates the efficiency level of the first filter, allowing an easy check up of the unit. When the filter (4) is saturated an ALARM is shown (7) in the display, and a remote free contact advises the operator when the filters must be replaced.

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