HVAC SERIES 0.5HP / 0.75HP / 1HP / 1.5HP / 2HP


Specifically designed for HVAC applications, the HDI HVAC Series is ideal for powering pneumatic HVAC systems reliably, delivering dry, clean air. The air-cooled, pressure-lubricated, reciprocating HDI HVAC series is engineered to provide a heavy-duty, durable and dependable air compressor built to withstand the most demanding industrial & commercial environments.

The HVAC Series is equipped with 1-Stage, 1-Cylinder (123) or 2-Cylinder (223) cast-iron compressor Pumps, high-efficiency, industrial grade, ODP motors, and available in simplex & duplex configurations, providing continuous-use, 24/7, reliable operation

Cast-iron construction & low rpm enhance heat dissipation and the proprietary pressure lubrication process ensures oil is delivered to journal bearings and all necessary components, minimizing oil carry-over and friction, promoting the delivery of clean air for system reliability & efficiency.

The moving components of these pumps are machined, honed, balanced and assembled in Canada. Rugged construction and long life allows DV Systems to confidently offer an unprecedented 7 Year Warranty for the HDI Series.



Air-Cooled, Automatic Centrifugal Force Pressure Lubrication
Power 0.5HP / 0.75HP / 1HP / 1.5HP / 2HP
Delivery 2.0 SCFM to 14 SCFM @ 100/125 psi (x2)


Motor ODP Industrial Electric Motor
123 (0.5HP to 1HP) 1 Stage, 1 Cylinder
Pump RPM 445 to 890
223 (1HP to 2HP) 1 Stage, 2 Cylinder
Pump RPM 445 to 890


MS Package Magnetic Starters & Relay
ACP Package Alternator Control Panel


Rugged & Reliable
Ideal for Demanding Industrial Environments
Heavily-Weighted, Cast-Iron Pumps
Provides 75-80% Duty-Cycle Operation
Slow Compressor Pump RPM
Long-Lasting Operation
7 Year Limited Warranty
Rugged Construction & Long Life

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