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Blowtherm Genius. Preparation Stations


More solutions, greater flexibility, more freedom.

Work station can be equipped from a wide range of possible solutions, ranging from the most cost-effective to the most comprehensive. Installations with bases in various sizes, with grids on partial or total surface. Simple extraction units with wall extraction or extraction through excavation and filtered plenums. The preparation areas can be equipped with air extraction units and positive pressure heated ventilation system, with conventional or direct fired burner, or hot water battery, particularly suitable for smart repairs.

Blowtherm can be found in every part of the world.

Blowtherm preparation zones can be found throughout the world. The quality of our products ensures customer satisfaction; this quality comes from over fifty years of constant hard work and striving to be the very best.


Certified and proven quality

Blowtherm invests resources in the pursuit of total quality using more and more newly developed technologies.

Product quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals, and the approvals obtained from relevant authorities are a testament to our success in these fields.

As the premium quality spray booth manufacturer, Blowtherm have been awarded Preferred Supplier Status by many prestigious manufacturers.

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