B730 Truck Clamping

Clamps easily adapt to hard to reach areas and obstructions new angled frame designs when mounted on the B34 bench mounting

B110 Chassis Clamp

B110 Chassis Clamp and B310 Bench Mounting give secure holding.

B310 Bench Mounting

B310 Bench Mount with click-in for fast set-up

Q16 Draw Aligner

The Q16 Draw Aligner is designed to work with the Quick 42 alignment bench and packs a powerful 10 tons of pulling power, 360 degrees around the vehicle

D16 Draw Aligner

BenchRack and D16 Draw Aligners – allow for 10 tons of pulling per draw aligner. There’s nothing this pair can’t align.

D20 Draw Aligner

Speed Alignment Bench and D20 draw aligner with 5-tons of pulling power makes alignment work fast and effective.

T550 Ramp Kit

T550 Ramps for Mark 6 easily convert into wheel stands.


The T10-T11 Universal Clamping system holds vehicle secure for faster repair and a higher bottom line.

T56 Wheel Stands

T56 Wheel Stands support up to 1.5 tons.