0c3576a64143d5ab561d3d7918d00784_f1281The Universal Anchoring, Holding & Fixturing system that evolves with your needs

EVO is a universal anchoring, holding and fixturing system. With three configurations, the modular EVO system easily evolves into a multitude of configurations for addressing your repair needs. These universal kits work for every vehicle year, make and model saving you the cost of expensive model-specific equipment. With the combination of EVO and Vision X3, your bodyshop can fulfill the market’s demands, and give you a quality certified process – from the first damage assessment right through to repair and delivery.

EVO 1 – Basic Anchoring EVO 1 – Designed for simple repair jobs, EVO 1 is a standard package for anchoring and holding. EVO 1 comprises of three towers, multi-purpose clamp, track plates, adapter with bushrings, chain holder and torque bar.

EVO 2 – Extended Anchoring Extend your EVO 1 system with EVO 2 which provides additional equipment for more advanced repairs. EVO 2 comes with two extra towers and track plates, special tools for a rear-axle bracket, torque bar extensions and adjustable holders.

EVO 3 – Holding & Fixing EVO 3 is a universal fixture system, which, combined with EVOs 1 and 2, can handle all known car, light truck and SUV models on the market. EVO 3 comes with three adjustable fixture heads and a number of adapters, a lockable universal joint, a lock handle and an all-purpose mini-cramp.