15d5d035560eace80383994079f891df_f1285Your torchless heating solutions!

The advantage of using induction technology is that there is no open flame. Our high-power induction heaters can be used in the same way as a gas torch, but without destroying nearby parts. With precision controls perfect results are always at your fingertips.


CH37-Induction-HeaterCH37 Induction Heater

CH37 Induction Heater – Your torchless heating solution! Advanced induction technology means there is no open flame – the heat is generated directly in the work piece itself and with its unique regulation and control system featuring five power levels, it is nearly impossible to overheat.




CH100-Induction-HeaterCH100 Induction Heater

CH100 – The CH100 is a robust – 10 kw! – and ergonomically designed induction heater. It is a highly powerful, adjustable machine which can be used in a variety of applications, for example for the warming of heavier machine parts so that they quickly and easily detach.

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