point-x-black-bgQuick and accurate damage analysis measuring with documentation capability

PointX™ derives its strength from new generation technology, both in the hand-held measuring arm and software. The lightweight, efficient and easy to use measuring arm, in combination with Car‑O‑Data, the world’s most comprehensive vehicle database, gives you an affordable measuring system that allows you to accurately and quickly target measuring points.

Constructed in super lightweight carbon fiber, the PointX measuring arm makes it easy for technicians to maneuver completely around the vehicles. Not only is PointX easy to operate, it is also driven with Vision2 Software, a photo-based system that guides the entire repair process. With Car‑O‑Data, Vision2 software and PointX your technicians will be able to provide the highest quality diagnosis for your customers.


PointX Measuring Instrument
  • Ergonomic lightweight carbon fibre construction
  • Automatic height calculation and default set software speeds up the measuring process
  • Upper body Point-To-Point measurement capability
  • Easy to learn, process orientated software interface
  • Bluetooth communication with Vision2 PointX Software
  • Access to Car-O-Data – measurement data with over 7 000 measured vehicles for PointX
  • Compatible with Car-O-Tronic electronic measuring system adapters
  • User friendly, one-handed operation through magnetic fixing
  • Electronic documentation with report print out
Vision2 PointX Software
  • Photo-based system — helps you to find correct measuring points quickly
  • Access to Car-O-Data – measurement data with over 7 000 measured vehicles for PointX
  • Fully compatible with any alignment system
  • User-friendly interface with state-of-the art graphics
  • Easy-to-learn intuitive workflow
  • Datasheet Wizard for easy search for vehicle datasheets
  • 3D representation of measuring points
  • Full WindowsVista/ 7 support
  • Vehicle Database with measurement information for over 7000 vehicles for PointX, one year included
  • Available by subscription
  • Updates quarterly via Internet connection or DVD