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Introducing the PULSE Production System

The Pulse Production System combines industry-leading paint-booth and infrared-curing technology to streamline shop efficiencies in the painting process. The modular system can be designed to maximize throughput in both new and existing spaces.

With its innovative, modular design and advanced, industry-leading paint-booth and curing technology, the Pulse Production System decreases cycle times by minimizing dry times. This creates a fast lane opportunity within the prep area, and eliminates production bottlenecks.

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Maximize Throughput:

Our modular, flexible production system eliminates bottlenecks and optimizes production capabilities within the existing shop footprint.

Decrease Cycle Time:

Significantly reduced curing times create a constant workflow that drastically decreases cycle times and increases touch time.

Increase Efficiency:

With multiple paint/cure areas and decreased wait times for curing paints, vehicles can be cycled through each process.

High-Efficiency Paint Booths

The Pulse PS uses leading paint-booth technology featuring a Variable Frequency Drive system to balance air movement and cabin pressure throughout the painting process. The system also monitors pressure and compensation for filter life depletion.

High-Efficiency Paint Booths
Full-Arch, Catalytic Curing Robot with BMW

Full-Arch, Catalytic Curing Robot

Designing specifically for the collision repair industry, the Catalytic Drying Arch in the Pulse PS sets itself apart using medium-wave infrared technology that will not damage plastics and dries evenly, avoiding over-curing of clear coats, primers and body filters.

Fully Enclosed Preparation Areas

The Pulse Production System uses fully enclosed preparation areas, boasting the same drying and ventilation technology as our paint booths, creating a clean curing space and allowing for a flexible, efficient work flow.

Two cars elevated up in the preparation area
Moveable Robotic Curing / Drying

Moveable Robotic Curing / Drying

The Pulse PS features a robotic Catalytic Drying Arch, that can move between 1-3 stalls within the prep area. Unique to the Pulse PS, the full arch dryer within the prep area dries all sides of a vehicle with each pass.

Pulse Advantages

Modular Flexible Design

• Modular system – efficiently configured to your space

• Fully enclosed, ventilated prep stations double as additional paint/cure space

• Efficient process translates to increased throughput

Full Arch Medium Wave Catalytic Curing Arches

• Multiple prep stations with paint & dry capability offer increased flexibility

• Single or multiple full-arch dryers for maximum flexibility

• Fast-curing, medium-wave, catalytic dryer will not damage/melt plastics

• Safely, quickly dries all substrates: body filler, primer, basecoat, clearcoat – in sequence or individually

Flexible Prep, Paint Areas

• Leading paint-booth technology

• 1-3 Prep areas, with full ventilation and robotic dryer

• Moveable full-arch dryer maximizes booth flexibility

• Air management, through two Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), controls air flow and air pressure to ensure a safe, clean curing environment

• Airflow through filters is monitored and notification sounds when filters need to be replaced

Pulse Advantages

The Pulse Production System is an innovative collaboration between industry leaders Flat Line SSI, Blowtherm Spray Booths and Greentech Dryers. Flat Line’s Pulse Production System is the evolution of efficiency in shop production systems.

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