Retractable Curtains

From heavy industry to the automotive aftermarket to aircraft hangars to recreational facilities, there is always a need to intermittently enclose or section off areas to control and contain dust & fumes, welding flash, temperature, and overspray. Soper’s Retractable Curtains range from smaller curtain systems – easily retracted by just one person – to large floor-to-ceiling moveable wall systems that divide entire buildings.

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  • Enclosing welding areas
  • Creating wash bay areas
  • Creating spray booths
  • Sectioning off or confining areas of your facility


  • Reduce dust, fumes, welding flash, and overspray to create a healthier, safer, more productive work environment
  • Protect adjacent or nearby inventory, equipment, or machinery
  • Maximize use of floor space by intermittently creating smaller “cells” or work areas


  • Available in woven polyethylene, vinyl coated polyester (VCP), and polyvinylchloride (PVC)
  • Flame, chemical, and mildew resistant
  • 12 or 16 gauge heavy-duty track with nylon or steel rollers
  • Ceiling or floor mounted
  • Retracted manually or mechanically